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MIAU Studio is a creative, problem-solver, independent graphic design studio. We work with great passion and have the exceptional ability to turn our ideas into something authentic, giving each project always it's own personality. MIAU creates, brand, design, publish, and advertise.

"It doesn't matter if you rawr or if you meow, sound doesn't make your brand stand out, but MIAU does."

What do we do?

MIAU Studio’s mission is Elevate brands with great ideas and make them stand out from the rest. We are expert on creating and enhancing brands and products identity.

We will create your brand personality taking even the smallest detail into account. From designing your Logo, your brand identity, website, product pictures, social networks and more.

How do we work?

We start by knowing your brand, what is the history behind it, the ideas, mission, vision and philosophy. A brand identity is not a good logo it is so much more. And we will help you to build it.

Some of our Services

Logo & Brand Identity Design

Website Design

Packing Design

Product Photography

Collateral Design

Advertising And Promotion

Publication Design



Creator and head of MIAU Studio

María Eugenia Rodríguez, an outstanding graphic designer in the area of visual communication, has stood out thanks to her creative work and direction in the area of entertainment. Her experience of more than five (5) years in Graphic Design, Creative and Art Direction have driven her to her job growth in the Commercial field.

Let's work together!

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